Mud Creek Farm PORK Pricing Info

We appreciate the opportunity to share our locally grown ethically raised food

                                   WHOLE     HALF     QTR
Total Estimated cost    $1040       $520      $270
Take home meat          150 lbs     76 lbs    38 lbs
Approximate price per lb = $7.00*

Pound/price breakdown (approximate - weights vary)

                                                       WHOLE HALF   QTR
Pork hoof wt                                 270 lbs  135 lbs  67 lbs

Pork hanging wt (70% hoof wt)   190 lbs  95 lbs    47 lbs 
$4/lb hanging wt to Mud Creek    $760     $38   $190
Butcher fees (harvest, cut, wrap)   $280    $140    $80

*Butcher fees include harvest, cut and wrap and smoking/curing of hams, bacon and sausage. Additional smoking & curing options are available for extra cost (Canadian bacon, hot dogs, etc.) 
**If you prefer to have most of your share processed, price will be closer to $10/lb.

NOTE: All numbers are estimates, based on prior harvests and are subject to change. Smaller portions (1/4 or 1/8 pork) may require more cutting and packaging, price per pound may be slightly higher.

PAYMENT IS DUE UPON PICK UP OR DELIVERY - Cash, check and credit cards are accepted. You will be called within a few days of harvest. We discuss weights, costs and processing options in detail at that time. Processing takes 2-3 weeks. Meat can be picked up or delivered for no additional cost. 

Mud Creek Farm is a small family owned farm north of Spokane, Washington using ethical, natural, sustainable practices to raise heritage beef, turkey, chicken, pork and eggs. No hormones, antibiotics or chemicals are used to enhance growth. Products are rich in Omega 3 healthy fats as our animals live outside and graze lush pastures. During winter, all animals eat locally sourced dried forages. Non GMO grains round out the diet for poultry and hogs. Processing is done on site. No feed lots, mass transit or large scale production methods are used. We raise heritage breeds rather than genetically modified animals  which  translates  to  slower  growth  and  increased  feed  in  order  to  reach  market  weights. Our  prices  are  below  what  you  will  pay  in  specialty  stores  and  farmer’s  markets and higher  than  commercially  raised  products-- we  believe  the  quality,  flavor  and  safety  is  far  superior.

The Large Black is thought to be the BEST pork due to the micro-marbled delicious Old World flavor. A heritage breed from southwestern England, nearly extinct in the 1960s; it remains endangered. Hardy animals, able to handle heat and cold; they effectively convert pasture and goodies found in the woods into meat. They are great mothers with good sized litters and long lives. Despite their large size they are very docile.