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founded 2013

Thank you for supporting Mud Creek Farm, a small family owned farm near Deer Park, Washington. We use humane and natural processes to raise heritage beef and chicken. We also raise laying hens and sell free range eggs.


No hormones, antibiotics, medicated feeds or chemicals are used to enhance animal growth. Products are rich in Omega 3 healthy fats as animals graze outside on lush pastures with free choice natural minerals always available. Non GMO grains are offered as supplemental feed for poultry to ensure adequate nutrition.

Poultry processing is done locally at a USDA inspected facility just a few miles away. Beef are butchered at the farm by a mobile USDA inspected processor. No feed lots or mass transit and production methods are used. We raise heritage breeds rather than faster growing genetically modified animals which translates to slower growth and increased feed in order to reach market weights.

Our prices are below what you will pay in specialty stores and farmer’s markets for similar products. Prices are higher than what you will pay for commercially raised meat, poultry and eggs in the grocery store but we believe the quality, flavor and safety is far superior.

We are blessed that our ‘day jobs’ subsidize our passion for raising and sharing locally sourced, heritage breed, humanely raised food. We appreciate you sharing the experience with us! Because there is a waiting list, current and former customers will always be notified first of any opportunities to purchase products.

We are in the process of developing social media tools to share pictures and farm updates and hope to have these up and running later this winter. In the meantime please reach out via phone call, text or email for any questions, comments or requests. We always appreciate feedback as we consider where to focus our future efforts.

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